About our association, the AMMC-2004.

     AMMC - was born on August 4, 2004. It was formed by military and ex-military members from the Quebec City area. The aim of this association is to bring together service brothers and sisters who share the same passion, the motorcycle, in order to organize and plan rides.

     The AMMC founding and National Chapter located in Quebec City is the official headquarters of the association.

     A.M.M.C. currently has chapters in Estrie, Mauricie, Montreal, Montreal North Shore, Quebec, and the National Capital (Ottawa). It also has more than 350 members, partners and supporters to its credit.

     According to our plans, the association will continue to flourish throughout the country. We are always looking for new motivated members who would like to develop chapters of the A.M.M.C. in all of the provinces and territories of Canada to enlarge our beautiful family and share our common passion, the sport of motorcycling.

     If you are military, ex-military, reservist or ex-reservist, you love the sport of motorcycling and you like to ride and participate in activities with a well-structured group, as described in the constitution, come and join ours!