If you would like to join us!

     There are several advantages to joining the AMMC. We are all military, or former military, and we all have the same passion: Motorcycles!

     We are a very active group and we organize activities throughout the year. Among other things, we have several meetings 5 to 7 in all our regions chapters which can be viewed under the "Chapters" tab.

     We also have preferential rates in several stores and shops, at motorcycle dealers and major discounts for insurance.

     You are welcome here!

     We are pleased to welcome new members. If you are military, ex-military, reservists or ex-reservists, you can be part of our motorcycle association! Here are the steps to follow to apply for membership. If you are ready, we are ready!

     STEP 1: Before joining, we invite you to read very carefully our charter (constitution, administrative regulations and guidelines) related to our association under the "Documents" tab. Then you have to make sure to respect it.

     STEP 2: Complete the Membership Form*
     Fill out the online application form (under the "Documents" tab) and print the sheet and then hand it over to the chapter closest to your city. Or, print the sheet, fill in the form by hand and give it to the chapter closest to your city. If you reside between two cities, you can always send your request to the national committee which will find the best chapter, depending on where you live.

     It is a pleasure to meet you!