Welcome to the Association of Military Motorcyclists of Canada website.

     This friendly and user friendly site is primarily a navigation tool for all the members, partners, supporters, affiliated, friends and future friends of the Association. You will find, among other things, our values and our vision of a motorcycle association between brothers and sisters based on principles, honesty, respect and integrity.

     You can find here tools and links to help you get to know us better and help you to share our common passion.

     If the principles contained in the our constitution, administrative regulations and guidelines under the "Documents" tab appeal to you, and you wish to join the association and thus join this great family then I invite you to print the A.M.M.C. membership form which can be found under the same tab, complete it and send it to the chapter committee members in your region, which you will find under the "Chapters" tab.

     Brigitte Forgues
     National AMMC President